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Discontinued Parts

NOTE: These discontinued parts are offered at a discounted rate. Prices are subject to change. Please call 1-800-328-1974 for availability. Returns are not accepted.

Alliance Laundry Parts

Part NumberQty.DescriptionPrice
M400702P2Pilot Light$5.00
M4041511Pilot Light$5.00
F3705771Kit CCA Inter C WE-6 VSPD$60.00
F370555-00P1Computer S STD UW$270.00
F370443P1CCA Output WE6 Fixed Speed$100.00
M400904P1Touch Pad$20.00
F38072621 Way Valve 115V (Maytag Part #24001120)$40.00
F38072142 Way Valve 115V (Maytag Part #24001776)$40.00
F3807791Hayes 1/2" Water Valve (115V)$75.00
F3807811Hayes 3/4" Water Valve (115V)$95.00


Maytag Laundry Parts

Part NumberQty.DescriptionPrice
240011141Switch, Membrane Gray Coin$25.00
240011121Switch, Membrane Gray OPL$27.00
230022073Bimetal: Actuator (115V)$50.00
220036841Balance Harness$30.00


American Dryer Laundry Parts

Part NumberQty.DescriptionPrice
1370631Hi-Lo Board 1/2" Valve 220V$50.00
1371611Dual Computer Board, Stack Dryer$250.00
8808551PH 1/11 Coin to PH3$120.00
1370792A.S. Board (220V)$50.00
124004215 Min. 110V Timer$45.00
123000160 Min. 110V Timer OM$45.00
1372401Maytag Dual Computer, Stack Dryer$250.00


Wascomat Laundry Parts

Part NumberQty.DescriptionPrice
90267526-9A Overload$20.00
9991713/4" Skinner Valve Repair Kit$30.00
9991611/2" Skinner Valve Repair Kit$30.00




Discontinued Parts

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